Approval for raising new air Sqn at Kochi under Ernakulam Gp approved by DG NCC under phased  implementation programme  of increasing cdt str by 2 lakh. Board of Officer in this regard was completed and submitted by 1 (Ker) Air Sqn NCC, Trivandrum on 29 Apr 2009.  Utilisation of INS Garuda for NCC Air Wing training approved by MOD (Navy) on 20 Nov 07 and CSO (Ops) approves NCC Air ops at INS Garuda . Subsequently MOD sanction for conduct of flying operations at INS Garuda accorded on 31 Jan 11.

          Commanding Officer and 17 PI staff (service man power) posted-in, in the months of Apr-Jul 2011.  06 civilian staff was temporarily attached to the unit in Sep 2011.  A BOO for allocation of troops was completed in Jul 2011.  A total strength of 2300 cadets were allocated to this unit and the enrollment was completed by Sept 2011. 

          Microlite aircraft was allotted to this unit from No. 2 (TN) Air Sqn NCC, Coimbatore. The same was assembled at INS Garuda by OEM. 07 care takers completed the PRCN course at AF Stn Tambaram in May 2012.

          Gp CV Sunil Kumar first Commanding of the unit posted out wef 24 May 2015 and Wg Cdr VG Narayayan Posted in as replacement.