Evolution of NCC - Pre-Independence

british india The genesis of the National Cadet Corps can be traced back to that period of the World War I , when having been pushed to the wall , the british looked desperately towards India as a source of manpower in their war effort. The casualties suffered by the British were so heavy that the Indian Army Reserves could not cope up with the demands of the reinforcements. The British Govt in India desired greater Indian participation in the war effort,and therefore,introduced the Indian Defence Force Bill in the legislative Council in Delhi on 21 Feb 1917 . This bill sought to obtain compulsory enrolment of the European British subjects in India and voluntary enrolment of the non-European British subjects within the country. The bill was essentially a war measure designed to meet the immediate military requirements of the Empire.

This was also the time when Indian leadership was demanding a rightful place for Indians in the command and control hierarchy of the defence forces and opportunities to enter the officer cadre. They supported the bill,with the hope that in near future ,facilities which had been offered to only British youth would be extended to Indian youth as well. Later continuous pressure from the Indian leadership compelled the Britishers to prepare and refer the Indian Defence Force bill to a select committee, and finally resulted in passing of the Indian defence Force Act 1917 by the Governor General on 28 Feb 1917. As per this Act , the Governor General could start enrolment of Indian students in a youth organisation named as University Corps.

With the introduction of the university Corps, overnight ,things seemingly changed , The aspiration of the Indian youth to take part in the affairs of the nation were rekindled. Waves of the spirited Indian youth volunteered for service in the corps in the hope of promised freedom in future . Thus the beginning was made for organising the youth of India . The development of the Corps under the British Empire progressed from University Corps to University Officers training Corps and finally to National Cadet Corps.

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